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Resources for healthcare professionals

The latest studies, the science of sucralose, and more.

Help your patients reduce sugar

Our toolkit includes samples, education materials, and more.

Handouts for your patients & clients

Handouts for your patients & clients

These bilingual patient education handouts cover weight management, diabetes and safety to help keep your patients well-informed on nutrition and health.

Check out the SPLENDA LIVING™ Blog

Check out the SPLENDA LIVING™ Blog

At the SPLENDA LIVING™ blog, our goal is to provide you with credible, science-based information about SPLENDA® Sweetener Products and other sugar substitutes, so that you can make your own informed choices about nutrition and healthy eating.

Feeling Full Longer is a Win-Win for Weight Management
Safety of SPLENDA® Brand Sweetener (Sucralose) Has Been Confirmed Repeatedly, Over 20 Years

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Your professional toolkit will include samples, educational materials, recipe cards, coupons and more to help your patients reduce sugar in their daily lives.

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